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Wed 20th December ~ Download our leaflet of events & activities for 2007...

Downloadable leaflet of TryCycling in Edinburgh rides & events for 2007

Download & print off our handy leaflet to remind you of all our upcoming activities. Why not print off a few extra copies & give them to your friends too!

More details of our rides can be found on this web site, & details of events will be posted as they become available, so please check back from time to time to see what is going on.


Mon 18th December ~ TryCycling in Edinburgh releases first report of it's activities....

The statistics behind  TryCycling in Edinburgh\'s first annual report TryCycling in Edinburgh\'s first annual report

TryCycling in Edinburgh was set up in June 2005 to encourage & support, in particular, new & less confident cyclists. This report covers the first 15 months of the project, demonstrating both the range of activities offered and the numbers of people who have benefitted.

After the first summer?s programme a review meeting was held in September 2005, where 4 projects were chosen as a focus for the following year:

  1. Development of a monthly cycle ride programme
  2. Development of a cycle promotion campaign
  3. Development of a bicycle film festival
  4. Development of cycling activities in a specific geographical area - Craigmillar

Read about how each of these projects have developed & our plans for future development...


Tues 5th December ~ Award Winning Campaign Welcomes Commitment to Walking and Cycling...

TryCycling in Edinburgh welcomed the commitment from the Scottish Executive to walking and cycling in the National Transport Strategy published today.

Co-ordinator Maggie Wynn says:

?This new Transport Strategy is a significant step forward. The emphasis on improving conditions for people in urban areas isn?t new, but the force with which the ideas are put forward is. While the SE accepts that decisions to reallocate road space away from private motor vehicles are for local authorities to take, it is firmly advocating that it should be done. This Strategy also provides evidence that the effects will have many benefits - environmental, social and economic.?

For further details: Cycling Edinburgh


Mon 27th November ~ Shops offer extended service on bikes bought in December...

Poster advertising extended bicycle checks

Most cycle shops in Edinburgh have agreed to extend their normal after-sales service period to the end of March for December bought bikes.

For further details: Cycling Edinburgh


Thurs 16th November ~ TryCycling in Edinburgh wins an award...

Maggie Wynn of TryCycling in Edinburgh receives Innovation prize at Cycling Scotland Conference, November 2006

TryCycling in Edinburgh won the Innovation Prize awarded at today?s Cycling Scotland Conference, having been chosen from a shortlist of 7.

TryCycling has been involved in a range of promotional activities since it started 18 months ago, including monthly rides, skills & cycle awareness training with children, the Bicycle Film Festival, and stalls at summer events.


Thurs 16th November ~ Wheel to Reel...

Wheel to Reel Flyer & Application Form

Following the huge success of Edinburgh's first Bicycle Film Festival in June 2006, the Edinburgh organisers have collaborated with other cities to organise and launch Wheel to Reel, Bike Film and Animation Awards to showcase Bike culture at Bike Film Festivals across the UK.

Maggie Wynn, organiser of the Edinburgh Bicycle Film Festival says, "More people are choosing to cycle. As well as being fun it's gaining popularity all the time as a commuting option and as a leisure and sporting activity. It appeals on lots of different levels. The purpose of this years film festival was to broaden the interest in cycling. This new award launched this week, is the first of it's kind in the UK, and offers the opportunity for both budding film makers and cycle enthusiasts to create short films about the aspects of cycling that interest them. This is an exciting new development which we hope will widen the audience further. The stories around cycling are as diverse as the individuals who engage in the activity. We look forward to receiving a mixture of inspiring, whimsical, documentary type films "

'Action' & 'Documentary' submissions should be a maximum of 12 minutes. 'Animation' submissions should be a maximum of 4 minutes. All must be made within the last 4 years. Entry deadline is 26th January 2007. There are 300 prizes and selected entries will be included in a Bike Film Award screening at participating festivals and a limited edition 2007 Bike Shorts DVD


Sat 21st - Mon 30th Oct ~ Cyclists are told to lighten up...

Poster advertising discounted cycle lights

TryCycling in Edinburgh is a campaign that has the support of a number of cycling organisations, as well as the CEC. We are keen to encourage more people to cycle more of the time. There definitely seem to be more people cycling in Edinburgh this year, which is great. It would be a bonus to see these same people continue to cycle through the darker winter months.

Having a good set of lights is essential for ones own safety, but also helps to reinforce the message that cyclists are responsible road users too.

We've collaborated with the cycle shops in Edinburgh & just about all have agreed to discount lights from 21- 30 October 2006. The clocks going back is a great opportunity to remind all cyclists of the need to ensure they have lights & the discounts available.

Find out details of which shops are taking part:

(Some shops, such as MacDonald Cycles and Freewheelin are offering additional discounts on items such as reflective wear, and Great Bikes No Bull have specifically said they'll fit lights free of charge)


Friday 22nd September ~ Commuter Challenge

Last year, as part of European Mobility Week, Edinburgh had a Commuter Challenge(not a race?)

^ Top ^

TryCycling in Edinburgh is organising another Commuter Challenge on Friday 22 September

Results of Commuter Challenge 2005

Maggie Wynn, TryCycling Co-ordinator, is looking for participants (not just cyclists)...

"The idea is to have commuters travelling from 4 outposts to Castle Street. Volunteers will use bicycles, bus, private car, train, city car club and in some cases combined travel modes. The Challenge is about highlighting the choice of transport modes and routes available. Showing that you can chop and change your mode on different days and the route you take, particularly if you cycle and the weather and time are on your side."

The starting points are - Ingliston Park & Ride, Ocean Terminal, New ERI and Newcraighall Park & Ride.

Participants in Commuter Challenge 2005

If you are at all interested, please let me know your preferred starting point & mode of transport. As many of you are cyclists, you may know others who would consider helping by using another mode of transport. It involves meeting at the starting point at approx 7.45am / 8.00am and arriving at Castle Street from about 8.30am.

"It was great fun last year- everyone lingered for a while at the destination to enjoy coffee & croissants, and the bicycles came first every time, even from Ingliston, which wasn?t necessarily expected!!

"I?m particularly hoping some women will take part this year - there weren?t any last year!"


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